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CRUCIAL FEST [Aug. 25th, 2004|02:48 pm]
The 606 Chuff Crew


ummmmm just giving a heads up to all the CHUFF CREW MUDDA FUCKAS that are gonna be in los angeles aug. 27th-28th.
about the crucial fest.CRUCIAL GRIND/THRASH FEST in LA
2 nights of thrash,Grindcore,powerviolence,Hardcore and much more.
Taking place August 27th-28th at arts in action in downtown los angeles.each night is $7 dollars and should start around 7:30 p.m.

Bands for both days:
Aug 27th
AxRxMx(south ridge Powerviolence)
Bastardass(brutal Powerviolence/Fast Hardcore)
ACxDC(Mutant Ninja Turtle Powerviolence/Thrash)
None of Your Fucken Business(Noisey as fuck Grind)
Fetus Eaters(vomit core)
Magrudergrind(maryland grind/powerviolence)

The Zip Guns(Rock n THRASH!)
Cream Soda(ripping Thrash/Powerviolence)
Cranial Constipation(super fast grind/crust)
Shes Dead(nice and thrashy fast hardcore)
The Rotting Stiffs(rotting grind/thrash/crust)
Godstomper(you should know by now!)

for more info go to



if your gonna be no where near LA on these two days, or just cant make it,dont sweat! a Video and 7 inch comp of the fest will be available within the coming months.

but if you are in la, or gonna be in la, you gots ta go!